Thursday, May 17, 2018

Planning Team for House of Bishops’ Pastoral Response presents information on listening session

The Planning Team for the House of Bishops’ Pastoral Response to #MeToo has presented information for the Listening Session, which is scheduled for July 4 during General Convention and will focus on listening, liturgy, and steps for healing.

In their statement, the Planning Team said,

"We understand that the process of sharing reflections requires great vulnerability and trust. It is the hope of the bishops that this Listening Session will help us to hear the depth of the woundedness of many of God’s children in the Church and work for healing and wholeness.  We pledge that each letter that we receive will be treated prayerfully and with the utmost confidentiality and respect."

"The Listening Service will be held in the main worship space of General Convention on July 4, from 6:15 pm Easter to 7:00 pm and will be webcast for the entirety of our Church so those who would find this helpful may share this moment with us. If this event re-opens wounds, we encourage the individual to do what is most helpful, including reaching out to the Pastoral Care Team at General Convention."

"This service is offered by the House of Bishops as a pastoral response. A pastoral event of this kind has never been offered before. This will not be a perfect offering; there will be mistakes, but it is our prayer that in those mistakes there will be healing grace; that the courage of those sharing their reflections will be heard with safety, compassion, and mercy; and that all who gather in person or virtually will find they are transformed by the hearing of truth and the power of our liturgical life. It is in our liturgical life that we gather at the most painful times of loss and suffering to find safety, healing, and renewal."