Monday, May 21, 2018

The Episcopal Church Conversations (TEConversations): A new dimension in gathering and learning

A highlight of General Convention 2018 will be The Episcopal Church Conversations (TEConversations), three innovative, inspirational and informative sessions featuring brief talks, videos and engaging interludes.

TEConversations will be part of the three Joint Sessions of General Convention, each focused on one of the three priorities of General Convention – Racial Reconciliation, Evangelism and Care of Creation.

“The TEConversations that have been planned use an effective modern form to address priority topics for our Church and our society,” commented the Rev. Canon Dr. Michael Barlowe, Executive Officer of General Convention and chair of the Joint Standing Committee on Planning and Arrangements. “The inclusion of TEConversations is a prime example of how our joint sessions, an older legislative tool, can be remixed for the contemporary needs of our Church and its leaders.”

TEConversations will be presented during Joint Sessions of the House of Bishops and House of Deputies which include visitors, volunteers and others in attendance at General Convention 2018. For those not attending, the TEConversations will be livestreamed and available for viewing on the Episcopal Church website and the General Convention website. Each TEConversations session will be 90 minutes and will include three speakers, videos, music interludes and deeper small group engagement. The speakers represent international leaders, well-known Episcopalians, and rising voices in the church.

Get more info and a schedule of speakers here.