Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Day 6 of #GC79: Diocese of Cuba restored!

Diocese of Cuba restored to The Episcopal Church

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The House of Bishops on July 10, after about an hour of emotional testimony by several bishops, unanimously voted in favor of resolution A238, restoring the relationship of The Episcopal Church and La Iglesia Episcopal de Cuba, and recognize it as a diocese in union with the General Convention. The resolution lamented the actions of the House of Bishops that ejected the Diocese of Cuba from The Episcopal Church in 1966. Immediately following the vote, there was a standing ovation by the bishops and gallery as Presiding Bishop Curry called for Bishop Griselda Delgado del Carpio of Cuba to take her seat in the House of Bishops. 

House of Bishops declines Book of Common Prayer revision

The House of Bishops today declined concur with the resolution on prayer book revision passed by the House of Deputies and instead has put forth a substitute resolution.

The resolution approved by the House of Deputies on July 7 would have initiated a revision process that would create a new Book of Common Prayer by 2024, with three years of trial use after that. Final adoption of that revision by two successive General Conventions would result in a new prayer book by 2030.

That resolution was taken up by the House of Bishops on July 9, the bishops spending almost two hours in debate. Many of the bishops who spoke were very reticent about prayer book revision, which could cost over $8 million. The bishops appeared deeply divided on the issue and ultimately adjourned July 9 without voting.

On July 10, Bishop Andrew Doyle of Texas put forth the substitute resolution. The new resolution creates a Task Force on Liturgical Prayer Book Revision to work with the Standing Commission on Governance, Structure, Constitution and Canons to give the 2021 General Convention proposed revisions to the constitution and canons for more flexibility in liturgical choices. The resolution “memorializes” the 1979 Book of Common Prayer “preserving the psalter, liturgies, the Lambeth Quadrilateral, Historic Documents, and Trinitarian formularies.” While "memorialize" may sound negative, what it means is that the 1979 Book of Common Prayer will not be changed and alternative options for new liturgies will be sought.

The substitute resolution now goes to the House of Deputies for consideration. 

General Convention by the numbers 
848 Deputies
241 Alternate Deputies
154 Bishops
1040 Visitors
948 Volunteers
53 Ecumenical and international guests
100 Episcopal Church Center staff members
179 Exhibitors
2100 hotel rooms booked 

TEConversations: Care of Creation 

The third and final TEConversation – this one on Care of Creation – was held this morning in a joint session of the House of Bishops and House of Deputies. Speakers at this session were The Most Rev. Thabo Cecil Makgoba, Archbishop of Cape Town and Metropolitan of the Anglican Church of South Africa; Bernadette Demientieff, Alaska Native Gwich’in, executive director of the Gwich’in Steering Committee and Native Movement Alaska advisory board; and the Rev. Stephanie McDyre Johnson, co-chair of the Episcopal Church’s Advisory Council on the Care of Creation.

This conversation focused on care of creation as an essential part of the Jesus Movement. If we love God and love our neighbors, that love naturally extends to the fullness of God’s creation through the embracing of simplicity and responsibility, growing local and regional eco-ministries, pursuing eco-justice with partners, and convening conversations around climate and faith.

Video of the speakers and a discussion guide for use in adult forum, small groups or youth groups is available here.

You can find video and discussion guides for all three TEConversations (Racial Reconciliation, Evangelism, and Care of Creation) here.